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Classes resume
1st February 2023


St.Mary's precinct/ St.Mary's Hall Turallo Terrace, Bungendore.

1st February-5th April (10 weeks)

$110 Earlybird/$130 / $15 casual



44 Clianthus Street, O'Connor.

2nd February-6th April (10 weeks)

$110 Earlybird/$130/ $15 casual



St.Mary's precinct/ St.Mary's Hall Turallo Terrace, Bungendore.

3rd February-31st March (9 weeks)

$100 Earlybird/$120/ $15 casual


12 midday-12.45pm

Queanbyean Park, Lowe Street North/ Girl Guide Hall, Erin Street.

3rd February-31st March (9 weeks)

$100 Earlybird/$120/ $15 casual


Tai Chi Made Simple

About the Classes

STRUCTURE: Classes are 45 minutes with 5 parts:

  • Joint warm-ups

  • Slow tai chi

  • Tai chi body

  • Static stretching, and;

  • Qi gong standing practice to finish.

The content of each class will vary each week to suit each class.

LEARNING: Each part is demonstrated first and then repeated to music before moving on to the next part. This means you will be learning each part first, then doing. You are not expected to remember all the movement at each class.

FOUNDATIONS: You will learn the basic tai chi standing position and other key elements of tai chi movement, breathing and focus.

MUSIC: All classes are to music, which assists with the timing and flow of the movement. The music is designed not to distract from the concentration of practicing tai chi, stretching and Qi gong standing practice.

UPRIGHT: All positions are done standing; there are no floor/ mat exercises.

SEATING can be provided to anyone needing to either hold on for balance or to sit down at any time during the class.

WEATHER: If the weather is unsuitable for outdoors,  classes will be located INDOORS. Participants will be contacted by SMS text before each class to confirm arrangements.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress suitably for the outdoors - you may want a few layers to put on or take off, depending on your preference. Flat comfortable shoes suitable for outdoors. You may also want a hat of some kind, and bring some water.

COVID-SAFE: Classes are now all outdoors to reduce the risk of COVID transmission, and all participants are distanced. It is altogether a delightful experience….when the weather is good!

PAYMENT: Classes can be pre-paid for a term (bank transfer EFT- bank details are in the REGISTRATION form.)  You can also pay per class casual, either by cash or card.













It is important to REGISTER for classes  to ensure participants can be updated each week about class arrangements and weather.

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