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Benefits of Tai Chi

STRETCH Tai Chi classes focus on simple movements that will primarily assist with improving your FLEXIBILITY, STABILITY, BALANCE & STRENGTH.

Every individual will respond to tai chi differently. Some people will find an immediate and significant improvement in aspects of their health while others may find the benefit is smaller and takes a longer time.

OTHER BENEFITS of tai chi can include:

  • Progressing a safe and faster recovery from injury & surgery;

  • Cancer survivors - Studies show tai chi improves quality of life, balance, agility, flexibility and muscle tone in cancer survivors. It may also help reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress. (Cancer Council information link)

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness;

  • Reducing blood pressure;

  • Reducing inflammation in the body, including pain reduction

  • Improved fall prevention from better balance;

  • Stimulating the immune system;

  • Reducing anxiety and stress - providing a feeling of calm;

  • Improving focus & concentration;

  • Improving breathing;

  • Improving sleep.

  • Better social life from attending classes!


Approach to Classes

Stretch Tai Chi classes are designed for anyone who wants to do enjoyable exercise in a class that is gentle, encouraging and non-judgmental.

The approach is not about being perfect at tai chi but simply doing lovely movements to the best of your ability that will help you in the ways you want.

Our classes are based mostly on the Hun Yuan style of tai chi and also Yang style tai chi. We focus primarily on simple movements that will assist with improving flexibility, stability, balance and strength.

Our classes do not teach the tai chi form. However, these classes would provide a solid foundation for anyone considering learning the full tai chi form.


Nora Stewart
Tai Chi Facilitator

I began learning tai chi in 2003, and I was drawn to the slow flowing movements, and the surprising effect it had on me.

I have 30 years experience as a professional  trainer, teacher and facilitator.

I have been a qualified assistant cross-country ski instructor and I also have many years of teaching dance classes in the past. Somehow, teaching tai chi basics seemed like the next logical step.


I love to share what I know, I love to help others and my aim is to keep moving and stay well. Oh, the music & outdoors is a lovely bonus.

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