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 Tai Chi Outdoors to Music

Spring Classes
October-December 2022

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St.Mary's precinct, Turallo Terrace.

Inside the St.Mary's Hall when needed

Starts Wednesday 5th October until Wednesday 13th December 2022.



44 Clianthus Street, O'Connor

Inside the Girl Guide Hall when needed

Starts Thursday 29th September until Thursday 15th December 2022.



St.Mary's precinct, Turallo Terrace.

Inside the St.Mary's Hall when needed.

Starts Friday 30th September until Friday 16th December 2022.


12 midday-12.45pm

Queanbyean Park, Lowe Street North.

Inside the Girl Guide Hall  at 38 Erin Street Queanbeyan when needed.

Starts Friday 30th September until Friday 16th December 2022.

CLASSES are all $14 or $140 for a pre-paid term of 12 classes/ $130 pre-paid for Wednesday 11 classes.

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Best thing I've ever done for myself!

Coralee F, Queanbeyan


Thank-you so much for teaching me tai chi. I absolutely loved every minute of class.You are an exceptional teacher. Deb K, Townsville.

My wife and I are loving the classes.David J, Sutton

I love the classes when I am able to attend. Well designed for the older aged group and I notice the difference after attending. I am also able to follow the simple instructions and exercises at home.
Kathy V, Queanbeyan

Nora is a very good teacher. She is encouraging, non-judgemental and very patient. The classes are fun and very relaxing.
Robyn L, Queanbeyan.

This class is relaxed and helped increase my mobility. Being outdoors is great!I recommend Nora's classes.
Di S, Queanbeyan

Highly recommended to improve/maintain flexibility and balance. I love the Irish music and exercising outdoors. Nora's teaching approach is easy to follow and helps me to get the best out of each session.
Chris B, Canberra

Great stretch and movement class. Friendly and very knowledgeable teacher. I love it.

Kathleen M, Queanbeyan


About Our Classes

Stretch Tai Chi classes are designed for anyone who wants to do enjoyable exercise in a class that is gentle, encouraging and non-judgmental.

The approach is not about being perfect at tai chi but simply doing lovely movements to the best of your ability that will help you in the ways you want.

Our classes are based mostly on the Hun Yuan style of tai chi.

We focus primarily on simple movements that will assist with improving flexibility, stability, balance & strength.

OTHER BENEFITS of tai chi include assisting in recovery from injury & surgery, improving your sleep, helping with all types of inflammation in the body, improving your cardiovascular fitness, your breathing and give you a feeling of calm.

Our classes do not teach the tai chi form. However, these classes would provide a solid foundation for anyone considering learning the full tai chi form.