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  Tai Chi Made Simple   

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Weekly Classes
2024 Term 2


12 midday-12.45pm

Queanbeyan Park, Queanbeyan

6 week term until 18th June

$15 casual



44 Clianthus Street, O'Connor.

12 week term until 20th June

$15 casual



St.Mary's precinct/Scout Hall

lTurallo Terrace, Bungendore.

12 week term until 21st June

$15 casual


12 midday-12.45pm

Queanbyean Park/ Girl Guide Hall, Erin Street.

12 week term until 21st June

$15 casual



This class is fantastic. All movements explained and no one is pushed passed their abilities. Have found this extremely helpful following major surgery in getting me back to health. Thank you Nora. Garry R, Queanbeyan

Joyful and restorative classes that cater to all needs, ability levels and ages. I look forward to them every week. Corinna G, Canberra

Nora has a quiet gentle way of teaching that takes account of some who have difficulty with the moves. Anon

I feel really relaxed after finishing the classes - better than a massage ☺️ Pam C, Queanbeyan

Nora's Stretch taichi classes give me a good allround workout, for mind & body, in a calm, non-judgemental way. She is patient as you learn and enjoys your small wins when you 'get it'. Kate Curry, Queanbeyan

I have been attending Nora’s Tai Chi classes for several years and enjoy the many health benefits I get from these classes. Nora demonstrates all of the movements beforehand, this makes it very easy to learn and to follow. The fact that we do the movements to music makes it fun. I would recommend these classes to anyone, regardless of age, to help improve joint mobility and general health. JK, Bungendore
I truly recommend these exercise classes with Nora and find them enjoyable and beneficial to my health. I am 79 years of age and feel it helps with my balance and relaxation. I am sure my legs are getting stronger and balance definitely improving.Thank-you Nora! WW

The gentle pace of the lessons, and Nora's positive and engaging presentation, encourages the participant to feel "I can do this", and at the end of a session the realisation that you have actually worked quite hard is very satisfying. Graham FB, Queanbeyan


Best thing I've ever done for myself!

Coralee F, Queanbeyan


Thank-you so much for teaching me tai chi. I absolutely loved every minute of class.You are an exceptional teacher. Deb K, Townsville.

My wife and I are loving the classes.David J, Sutton

I love the classes when I am able to attend. Well designed for the older aged group and I notice the difference after attending. I am also able to follow the simple instructions and exercises at home.
Kathy V, Queanbeyan

Nora is a very good teacher. She is encouraging, non-judgemental and very patient. The classes are fun and very relaxing.
Robyn L, Queanbeyan.

This class is relaxed and helped increase my mobility. Being outdoors is great!I recommend Nora's classes.
Di S, Queanbeyan

Highly recommended to improve/maintain flexibility and balance. I love the Irish music and exercising outdoors. Nora's teaching approach is easy to follow and helps me to get the best out of each session. Chris B, Canberra

A gentle way to stretch along with learning a new skill.
Susan Abbott, Canberra
Tai Chi is the gentle art of stretching and movement.I joined Nora and a group of others to experience this activity each week.It’s done wonders for my balance and general well being.Nora is a great teacher.
Kathleen Mills, Queanbeyan

Great easy going instructor that cares for everyone, a fun class for all ages and abilities. Therese Tessier, Queanbeyan

I have been participating in Nora's Tai Chi and Stretch classes for a number of years. I have found that doing so is excellent for someone in my older age group, in terms of my physical, mental and social well-being.
Nora is a highly skilled instructor. She effectively matches the instructions to the capacity of the group members, paying careful attention to individuals with special needs, as required. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who would like to try out Tai Chi and Stretch or, like me, care to make it a valued part of our week’s schedule.
David M, Bungendore

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